Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mot Nath

Why allies are closer to war than enemies.

Its an interesting phenomenon I've witnessed and thought about recently.  Why in fighting can occur amongst those who are ideologically closer to each other, rather than focussing the energy against those most distant from a point of view.

I hypothosis that this tactic of causing 'family feuds' has been used time and time again to weaken an enemy.

On the surface I recognise quarls can start from the less wise in the group.

Well, here is the hypothesis in a nutshell.  It is easier to understand and judge a person who is closer to your way of thinking than it is an outsider.  I can harness and carry more disdain and disgust over someone closer to my lifestyle than I can against someone who's way of life is utterly foreign to me.  This has lead to some of the stupid quarls of our life time.  It is why Pakistan and India point warheads at each other instead of at the country that ruled them both for so long.  It is why black men are killing black men in LA instead of focusing on the racism that sewed the fields of hatred.

I can feel a closer level of disgust for my brother than I can for my enemy.  Two countrymen who speak the same language can get caught up in the verbal meconium where as a foreigners tongue stings not as the hurtful words are meaningless.  Only those who really know me can insult me and hurt me.

So because of this possibly volatile combustion due to close proximity of ideals, it would be easy to start infighting and to continue to fan the flames of self imposing degradation.  No one knows your enemies weakness like your enemy, and if you can get them to go to war with themselves, you can control them better.

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